We provide you a high level of assurance with independent professional approach. We ensure that your information and reporting systems are complied with highest standard of quality and compliance.  We also provide helpful suggestions to improve your operations, financial guidance when necessary and a level of service that will lead to a long lasting relationship.

We provide a myriad of services including, but not limited, to the following;

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Satutory Audits

The main objective of a statutory audit is to express an opinion on true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Organization and to ensure that the financial statements are prepared and presented in accordance with the Sri Lanka Accounting & Financial Reporting Standards, Companies Act & other Regulatory Statutes.


Internal and Systems Audit

  • We assist companies to assess business risks and control on a continuing basis and improve business process performance.
  • These audits are aimed at identifying how well risks are managed including whether the right processes are in place, and whether agreed procedures are being adhered to.
  • Our audits are performed with the collaboration of management to systematically review systems and operations based on the strategic priorities of the organization.


Internal Financial Control / Internal Control

  • Comprehensive evaluation of internal controls, internal systems and internal processes adopted by organizations and recommending areas for strengthening.
  • Testing of design and operative effectiveness of organisation’s process, policies practices and controls with a view to suggest best practices, including a thorough benchmarking exercise.
  • Streamlining and standardizing controls and enhancing governance framework to reduce the risk associated with the business at minimal level.
  • Help organization transition to a process based approach for financial control compliance, identifying effective ways to appropriately reduce effort through better risk management and use to technology.


Forensic and Investigative Audits

  • Helping clients deal with various complicated business situations through examination and evaluation of financials and non-financial information and systems to establish evidence in a given assignment.
  • Undertaken at the specific request of the management to detect fraud, misappropriation of resources, bribery, misconduct or other financial irregularities.


Special Purpose Audits

  • Conducting audit that focus on the results arising from the performance of specified procedures.
  • Specific financial information for specific purposes to specific users including special purpose financial statements, single financial statement, specified accounts, elements of accounts or items in the financial statements.
  • Compliance with contractual agreements
  • Summarized financial statements

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