Careful tax planning is a pre requisite for minimizing your tax liabilities as well as ensuring that you exploit all available tax relief and claims.

We help you to improvise your tax liabilities by providing you with the proper guidance and to oblige to all your statutory requirements to avoid being penalized.

We concentrate not only consultancy on taxation matters but also handling the grass root level execution of a vast range of tax requirements as well as maintaining records for your convenience.

Scope of services that would be mainly covered by us in relation to tax matters are;

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Tax Advisory

  • Offering comprehensive tax planning to optimize tax liability of personal, corporate and indirect tax through application of tax incentives, tax holidays, benefits and other options in a legitimate ways.
  • Advising any changes to the statute in relation to the Company’s direct & indirect taxes.
  • Advising on Tax and exchange control regulations planning for investments in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan businesses concerns setting operations and having investments abroad.
  • Advising clients on tax effective compensation structuring for their employees
  • Advising clients on establishment of direct and indirect Tax Management System
  • Suggesting legal structure of business entities and transaction advisory services
  • Tax due diligence


Compliance Services and litigation support

  • Conducting tax compliance reviews
  • Preparation, review and filing of corporate and non-corporate returns and e-returns
  • Assistance in preparing submissions, availing exemption certifications and approvals
  • Supporting in filing periodic returns and refund claims with the authorities
  • Representation before authorities for refund Audits, business Audits, assessments and appeals.
  • Obtaining registrations and approvals from various regulatory authorities
  • Appearance before Income Tax authorities


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